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Gary and Karyn Byers, owners of InfraTech Services Inc. have successfully been providing Restoration and Coating Solutions for Challenging Environments even before moving from Washington State to South Carolina.

Both Gary and Karyn are NACE certified Level 2 Coating Inspectors. You can reach either of them by leaving a message here or by calling the office phone and leaving a voice mail, calling directly to their cell or emailing them. If you have a difficult, challenging project, InfraTech Services Inc. is just a phone call away and ready to help you develop the best solution and come up with a do-able strategy to implement it.

* InfraTech Office Phone: 864-510-3288
* Gary Byers Cell: 864-398-9468
* Gary Byers Email: 
* Karyn Byers Cell: 360-798-6246
* Karyn Byers Email:

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